Oct 10, 2020    Rabbi David Rosenberg

We began our Sukkot 7 days ago with the Final Harvest. Today, as we close Sukkot we look at a familiar story "he who is without sin, cast the 1st stone." But, within this story are deep themes about justice, the exercise of power (by those in power). In this case a Jewish woman who for unknown reasons is involved in prostitution. She is apparently guilty! But, here we see one of the best examples of "it is written!" showing precedent over the seriousness of her sin and the greater sin the abuse of power who fail to value her life. It is an amazing story! So, since Sukkot is about the final harvest and the close of the year, the completing of the Torah cycle, it also implies that these age old problems will not be dealt with until the end of this age. But it doesn't change our personal responsibility to justice if we claim to walk in God's ways. We are accountable to "what is written!" on Messiah's final Sukkot of his earthly ministry he defends a woman against injustice and reminds us all to "sin no more!" We will all face a day of judgment at the end of age, where we will be judged by what is written! It's why we need a Savior and Redeemer!