the word as a way of life

Rabbi David Rosenberg has been teaching The Word As A Way Of Life since 1978! He has encouraged many people to see God's Word as an attainable goal where it is possible to read The Entire Bible Every 90 Days! It is radical & simple at the same time. Begin by listening to his Podcast, seminar, testimony, story & guidelines in "Messianic Messages" under "Podcasts." The Word As A Way Of Life section of our website is still under construction but you will be able to get everything you need to begin a life changing devotional life! so, Let us know how you're doing! 

May God bless you as you "abide in The Vine!

How to do WWL

Download the .pdf document here that will explain how to begin The Word as a Word of Life Daily Reading Program. This 5 page document contains the guidelines you need to set up your devotional life along with the boundary bookmarks (which you can print - 2 sided-) & the Lables to put in the front of your Bible. There is one Lable for most translatins and also a lable designed just for the Complete Jewish Bible. God bless you as you emabark on the awesome journey of a strong devotional life! A donation of any amount can be made on this website.

Boundary bookmarks

Download the Boundary Marker Bookmarks (4 bookmarks on a page /both sides). Read 1 chapter a day from each section of God's Word. Place a Bookmark in the 1st chapter of each section listed on the above Label.

wwl labels

Download the Label & place in the front of your Bible as you begin your new committment to Devotional Life! One label is for The Complete Jewish Bible by Dr. David Stern, which uses Jewish Book order for the Tenakh (OT). The other label is for most other translations. It will help you keep track of your progress when you get to the end a section. Just begin to read God's Word and don't forget to listen to the the 2 podcast teachings in messianic foundations to learn more about The Word As A Way of Life! A donation of any amount is appreciated!