Why We Exist

We are a Messianic Jewish Synagogue and community which has gathered to celebrate T'Shuvah, (Return to God) with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This T'Shuvah was made possible through the Jewish hope of the Messiah and the message of reconciliation with God, which he was to bring. We believe this hope was realized in Yeshua the Messiah. Though these issues seem controversial to many, we believe that the evidence from real history demands an opportunity to be re-heard in our Jewish world. We believe that these issues are most clearly communicated in the context of the local Messianic Synagogue. In Messianic Synagogues like Shuvah Yisrael, we can see sincere Jewish life and practice, being lived out in agreement with the Jewish scriptures which present the compelling message that Yeshua is indeed the promised Messiah of Israel. Messianic synagogues began to emerge in the late 60's and 70's growing to form an international movement that continues to flourish and build bridges of understanding in our Jewish world. Our vision and purpose is to bring healing to the Jewish and Christian worlds that have suffered from a painful history of misunderstanding.

Our mission

"Return O'Isra'el, to Adonai you God." Hosea 14:2 "The Model of Return" affirms that we are re-turning to the true Jewish faith of our fore-fathers, a faith that looked forward to the hope of a redeemer Messiah. Our faith cannot be complete without this central tenet of messianism restored as a core value. We are returning to Messiah's Judiasm, the Judaism he lived, taught and died for, and rose for. The message of Yeshua our Messiah affirms the true reality of Messianic Jewish faith, life, and practice that is framed in the history of Israel as a nation that calls us to the responsibility of making known Messiah to our people as well as all nations. We "Return" to the fold of true Jewish faith, life and practice as Messiah lived and practiced it Himself.

Our Vision

SHUVAH YISRAEL exists to call our Jewish People to RETURN to God through Yeshua our Messiah, to RESTORE Jewish life, and to RAISE UP healthy Messianic Jewish communities by: Restoring the Jewishness of Messiah's Life and Teaching as an intrinsic part of Jewish Life and practice within a context of Jewish Community. Restoring the Messianic Hope as a central tenet of Jewish faith and Practice. Restoring unity for interfaith couples, their family, and extended families! Come Worship with us on Saturdays at 11:00 AM! 88 Southern Parkway, Plainview, NY 11803 Watch us live on livestream.com!