Shuvah Ministry Team

The staff and leadership here at Shuvah Yisrael is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in our synagogue. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our synagogue office to leave a message for them. You can contact the synagogue office at 516-939-2277.


  • Rabbi DAvid Rosenberg, M.Div

    & Rebbetzin Helene Rosenberg, M. Div

    Rabbi David & Rebbitzen Helene founded Shuvah Yisrael in May of 1989. They each hold a Masters of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary. Both work full-time for the synagogue and reside in Westbury, Long Island. They have three sons and five grandchildren. Rabbi David has smecha (ordination) with the IAMCS. 

  • barbara Kupferberg

    Barbara Kupferberg is an Elder at Shuvah Yisrael. She has been a public school teacher for 28 years. Barbara and her husband Arnie have been Messianic Jews for over 40 years and are a continual support to everyone at Shuvah Yisrael. She is the president of the sisterhood and Arnie Leads our men's group. 


    For just as the body is one but has many parts; and all the parts of the body, though many, constitute one body; so it is with the Messiah.   
    1 Cor 12:12 CJB

  • Bar & Bat mitzvah Program

    Our program is a well-balanced, fun and positive Hebrew/Bible School experience. We want to empower a new generation with the biblical language of Hebrew; to nurture a life-long commitment to the study of the Scripture, developing a rich relationship with the Lord Messiah Yeshua.

  • Chesed

    Exists to provide connection to one another and practical expressions of God's compassion in milestones and times of need. 

  • couples club

    Exists to disciple, empower and equip Shuvah married couples to strengthen their marriages. 

  • dance ministry

    Shuvah Dance Ministry combines Israeli folk and Davidic dance as an essential ingredient of praise and worship, a powerful element in the breaking down of spiritual strongholds. It is an intimate outward expression of love and devotion to Yeshua our Messiah.  

  • men's ministry

    Exists to minister to the unique needs of men and enable them to become effective leaders in their homes and our community as they become committed talmadim (followers) of Yeshua. 

  • oneg ministry

    Provides opportunities through the breaking of bread together for fellowship and welcome to members, visitors and guests.  During this time we share our faith and Messianic vision; provide hospitality; celebrate holidays and individual milestones; support, praise, and encourage each other. 

  • prayer ministry

    Exists to undergird all the ministries of Shuvah Yisrael: for leadership, community needs and the constant intercession for Israel and the return of the larger Jewish community to Yeshua, our Messiah.  

  • sanctuary management

    Exists to guide the smooth flow of all services in the sanctuary by supporting the Rabbi and ministry teams; to create a worshipful atmosphere, to enable everything to run efficiently, making sure congregants, visitors and guests are cared for. 

  • sisterhood ministry

    Exists to disciple women in their walk of faith and to build unity, cohesiveness and compassion among the women of Shuvah Yisrael.

  • shabbat school

    Exists to help the children learn about God in a Messianic Jewish environment in a way they understand and enjoy; to lay a foundation of knowledge at an early age of who Yeshua is, why He came, and how to live as believers in Him; to support the tradition of “ L’dor V’dor” (generation to generation).

  • social media

    Exists to foster and increase connection & engagement with others both inside and outside the Shuvah community; to connect and inform. 

  • tech team

    Exists to provides technical support for services, holidays, special events and opportunities for outreach via Livestream.

  • ushers & greeters mininistry

    Exists to extend the love of Messiah to those who come through our doors by welcoming, seating, and meeting the needs during the services.  


    Exists to lead our community into the presence of God by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth through a Messianic Jewish expression of music, liturgy and song. 

  • youth group

    The Shuvah Youth Group exists to CREATE a healthy environment for Messianic Youth; to BUILD a foundation for friendships, worship, spiritual growth and service through Yeshua our Messiah; and to help RAISE UP the next generation of Messianic believers and leaders. 

  • weekly bible study groups

    Exists to offer Shuvah congregants a place to connect with one another and grow as talmadim (followers) of Yeshua. Small Groups gather to study the Word of God together and pray for one another's needs.